Committed to Quality

Gelato always made fresh daily using our proprietary recipes that balance sugars and fats to give consistent taste, mouthfeel and storage characteristics.

  • Locally produced
  • Natural, gluten free, with a wide range of lactose-free choices.
  • An emphasis on locally-sourced products (locally grown fruits, eggs and milk) every time this is possible, by creating relationships with local farmers.
  • Only real fruit (no artificial substitutes, freeze-dried mixes, etc)
  • Carefully selected ingredients of the highest possible quality (Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, Fair Trade Cacao beans, etc)

Our Flavors

Our Base Flavors:

  • Cream Gelati (contains dairy)
  • Gelato Caffè Bianco (Infusion of coffee beans)
  • Gelato Cioccolato Profondo (Deep Chocolate)
  • Gelato Crema Come Una Volta (Old fashioned custard)
  • Gelato Earl Grey (Infusion with earl Grey Tea)
  • Gelato Nocciola (Hazelnut)
  • Gelato Pistacchio (Pistachio)
  • Gelato Pistacchio all’Arancia (Pistachio and candied orange peel)
  • Gelato Stracciatella (Chocolate Chip)
  • Gelato Vaniglia di Tahiti (Tahitian Vanilla Bean)

Fruit Sorbetti (NeroVERO only uses seasonal fresh fruit)

  • Sorbetto al Lampone (Raspberry)
  • Sorbetto al Lime Persiano (Persian Lime)
  • Sorbetto al Limone (Lemon)
  • Sorbetto al Mandarino (Mandarins)
  • Sorbetto al Mango (Mango)
  • Sorbetto al Melograno (Pomegranate)
  • Sorbetto al Pompelmo e Pepe Rosa (Grapefruit with Red Peppercorns)
  • Sorbetto al Frutto della Passione (Passion Fruit)

Products Details


  • 3.5 ounce (100 gram)
  • Pint (450 gram)
  • Quart (900 gram)

Other Products/Specialties:

For the holidays, we offer a typical festive Italian dessert treat, Panettone, filled with any of our base flavors (although we recommend Gelato Crema Come una Volta).

We have two sizes:

“Solo per me” (Only mine!) that serves 1-2
“Un pò per uno” (Maybe I’ll share…) that serves 4-6.

Exclusive Services

We are available to cater the dessert portion of parties and can provide single portion sizes of any of our flavors (minimum orders apply).
We are also able to create custom gelatos with bespoke gift packaging for our customers who wish total exclusivity.
Please reach out to schedule a consultation.

Coming Soon:

  • New flavors…such as Champagne Sorbetto, Gelato Liquirizia
  • Gelato Tortes
  • Sorbetto and gelato Popsicles
  • Sicilian Granite
  • Hand-made chocolates

OUR BUSINESS MODEL…No Compromise! (Ever…)

Sustain the highest standards of quality while keeping an acceptable price point.

Increase the customer’s perceived value while sharing with them the principles that guide our work, each and every day:

  • respect for the environment
  • diversity
  • natural and healthy ingredients
  • obsessive quality
  • cleanliness and outstanding customer service

Born in Italy

Our origins – and inspiration – are Italian.
A passion for flavor, for expression, for authenticity.
That is Fiaba™ Gelato .


Fiaba™ Gelato To Launch First Production Facility


Certification at Universita Dei Sapori